cuntsack asked: do you know a blog who answers about sizing? also i'm not sure if they stretch out any or if i should get a 1 inch or 2 inch platform.

The thing is that noone but maybe the company manufacturing the shoes you wanna now about could really answert about sizes. I refrain from doing so because I haven’t owned Creepers from every possible company yet and now every shoe is the same. I don’t think anybody could answer questions about sizing to the point it would be 100% accurate.

Are you ordering online or do you have the chance to try them on?

But about the platform there is one tip: do you plan to wear them often? then get the 1inch if you don’t want to hurt your feet too much too often. I used to wear them every second day which can be fine even with the 2 inch soles but wearing them for a long time on a day is a bit problematic. especially if your feet aren’t super good to start with.

cuntsack asked: please tell me you still use this blog i have questions!!! :|

I am still using this blog and I answer questions but not about sizing.

old picture. just died my hair this colour again. it feels like i’ve been transported back to 2011.

i wish.

thebirdhasflownaway asked: I have T.U.K. Creepers- and really wide feet, so before buying them, I was worried that they wouldn't fit, due to the width of my feet. However, they fit fine. I just thought I'd share this so anyone with the same concern doesn't worry about it.

cornmunism-deactivated20140209 asked: i recently bought a pair of triple sole creepers and i was just wondering if you can walk long distances in them? or are they shoes that aren't generally very hard wearing and should only be worn sparingly?

I would strongly suggest not wearing them long distance if you’re not used to them. never.

I don’t think many people can even if their used to wearing them at all. Try wearing them for short time periods that you extend over time but always have a pair of snearks or slip ons or whatever in your bag to be save (bleeding feet are not nice). just stop when your feet hurt, also when you wear them to many days in row your feet may start to hurt and then you should put a little break in.
it’s easy: just listen to your body.

theandreabeldua asked: which do you think has better quality creeprs, tuk's or underground's?

Imo Underground. Though different people have different opinions.