johnfromit asked: as ridiculous as it seems, to stop my creepers murdering the back of my feet i tape pads of tissue them under my sock (attached to the underside of my foot as well so the tissue isn't forced up when i put my foot in). they feel pretty plush and comfy now and i can walk around in them for much longer!

savystubs asked: so i just got my creepers about two three months ago. and ive been wearing them perfectly. but all of a sudden the bottom of the shoe ripped. and now every time i walk it rips more. ive been gluing it, but itll just rip again. idunno what to do :^( plz help xoxo

There is no way around bringing it to a professional. but srsly go and return them. you paid good money and they need to take them back if they break that fast !

theprophetchuck asked: I have a pair of TUK creepers and they're great but I haven't worn them in months because I rolled my ankle hard the first time I wore them out. They weren't too hard to stand in but walking felt so hard and I wonder if it'll get easier with wear?

I really don’t know but I’d guess they will just as all shoes.

yourviewsoffendme asked: For the person asking about leather creepers, I do personally find that they take longer to soften and 'break in' to the contours of my feet. My leather creepers are the only ones I've ever had blisters in! (thanks for running such an awesome blog btw 😚)

Here you go !

(Thanks. I should really start posting pics again but I don’t have much time these days..)

aangie-jpg asked: so i just ordered my pair of creepers off amazon and they are white leather. I was wondering if they are leather, will they be harder to break in or walk in than suede? also, i want to get a second pair of creepers and i was wondering whether black suede or pink suede would be better (since i already have the white creepers i just ordered, and a pair of black doc martens)

First of all: you can’t really break in creepers. The only problem you’ll have won’t be the leather part but the thick rubber sole and that won’t break in any way. Though you may experience some irritation at the back of your heel (the achilles part?)
I’d say go for the pink if you already know you can pair it with a lot in your wardrobe. no use ordering shoes you’ll never wear right. otherwise you can never go wrong with black ones.

lamboringhini asked: can guys wear creepers? you may have answered this but im new to your blog

wear it and own it

itotallybumrobertplantshair asked: I know it's matter of opinion but double or triple sole? i can't decide!

double ! easier to walk in especially for first-timers

galaxyfawns asked: Thank you! I just ordered a pair of really cute floral ones, which thankfully came in my size ♡ I can be pretty and intimidatingly tall at the same time ~

exactly ! be sure to submit some pics when you get them ! :)

galaxyfawns asked: Hi! I really want to get a pair of creepers, but I am already 5'11, and even 1-inch creepers would make me 6 foot or over. Should I go for it, or not?

Get them, be taller than everyone else and own it.

Taller than most guys ? Own it. If they’re afraid of you for being taller than them, they’re not worth your time.

Just: own it.

ximenabrocoli asked: Hey! Well, I go to this very hippie school in mexico city and prom night is in three weeks. I was thinking about wearing an elegant dress with oxford creepers. it would look really different from other girls' outfits but I think it could look cool. What do you think?

Total go!

But don’t wear something just because you want to be different from the ‘other girls’. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. That is the most important thing. If you’re not used to your creepers you may end up hating yourself because your feet start hurting mid-way.